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Not just naked,
Bravely Bare


Sharing authentic, personal stories and observations about life, love, wellness, reinvention, and other discoveries made on the pursuit of a life filled with Joy.

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Siblings Playful Dressup Park Concept

A Knight in Shining Armor

On the playground she is swinging up higher than the rest. The boys run and jump, they want to know who is the very best....

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Forest in Chile

I found me

I looked everywhere, and when I came back, I found me. – Suanne It seems like I have spent a huge part of my life...

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baby seal laughing out loud

Week 4 – Post Celexa

One of the big things about coming off anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds is that emotionally you’re like a baby again, you’ve had help coping with...

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This is for Aaron

in a dark world the ember glows hot a fragile tissue of hesitation flutters ember catches the edge a flame rises regal heat of comfort...

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