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Not just naked,
Bravely Bare


Sharing authentic, personal stories and observations about life, love, wellness, reinvention, and other discoveries made on the pursuit of a life filled with Joy.

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10 Weeks – Post Celexa

Wow, almost three months. I feel like I want to cry, I’ve felt this way for two days but I think I’m just tired because...

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Heart shape against sunset

Voices – Love

Not Love! How dare you. Don’t say the word. You cannot hope. You mustn’t try. It is not now! It is not Love. So little...

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Leaves falling in mysterious autumn forest with fog

Taken by the Wind

And so it was all the same as it had always been. Nothing had changed, yet it was different. Her heart was an empty cup,...

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Footprint in the sand

I walk alone

I walk alone,for who can champion,the champion,Who can care forthe caretakerWho can holdThe Mother?

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