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Detail of the Sciore group in the Rhaetian Alps in Switzerland.

What does not destroy me…

What does not destroy me makes me strong. – Freidrich Nietzsche I confuse myself and most of the men I meet by being positive, upbeat...

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A Slice of Cake on a Table

An undelivered birthday wish

The card ended “I wanted to give you feelings of happiness…” There was a simple gift that was to go with this, that was not...

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Siblings Playful Dressup Park Concept

A Knight in Shining Armor

On the playground she is swinging up higher than the rest. The boys run and jump, they want to know who is the very best....

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Red rose

The Rose

Don’t be afraid to bloom What you are today is the price you paid for what you used to want. – Mignon McLaughlin You have...

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