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Pieces: The Gallery

The posts in The Gallery were written between 1997 and 2001 – with a few more recent additions, it represents pieces of my life, a gallery of things small and large, gentle and grotesque which helped to shape and mold who I have become. The project began a few months after my Mother lost her 8 year struggle with lymphomatic leukemia and lymphoma.

When I was just 25, and four months pregnant with my, now grown, son Killian, my Mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer; The clock started ticking down to a time when I would no longer have a mother before I had become one myself. With her passing, 8 years later, I found myself motherless, and free of a constant critical voice in my life. As I write this I am less than a week away form my 55th birthday, and still struggling to heal from the critical and judgmental words that still ring inside my head. 

I do not have all the answers, I have, in fact, very few. I do know that each time I read the words I’ve written I honestly have no idea where they came from and am inspired anew by what it is I’ve created.

And, just for fun I’ve included a link to a Spotify Playlist with many of the songs mentioned in my posts. 

In this place I offer you a look into the depths of my heart and soul.

The known is a prison. It is the unknown that is the field of pure potentiality. – Deepak Chopra

If you trap yourself within rigid bonds you loose opportunities to experience change, growth, the Joy that is the process of life. Free yourself, open yourself up to new ideas, situations, and feelings. Listen to your own heart speak to you. I’ve included a link below that will start you at the beginning and you can view the posts in chronological order, or you can visit each of the four sections to The Gallery one at a time – like choosing a wing at museum. The posts are categorized as Not so Simple are about very personal experiences, the posts categorized as Inspirations are thoughts inspired by famous quotations, The Traveller follows a fictional character through a long wearying journey, and Poetry – Exhibits is simply a gallery of artwork occasionally accompanied by commentary about what inspired the piece. I believe that we should seek out, or create, Joy whenever possible; And, that settling for momentary pleasures, rather than cultivating true moments of Joy, is simply short changing ourselves. Relax your body and let your mind graze on the words upon the walls of this gallery. It’s my hope that my life’s journey may inspire you in some small way in your own. I offer you my depth and passion in hope that the thoughts and deeds of one may continue to touch many souls. And, so, we begin…

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