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And, in the end…

the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your stay, because I’m working on updating the site there will be more pages added very soon.

When I began this work in October of 1997 I did it for several very personal reasons — to deal with my anger constructively, to have a outlet to set my feelings free, to explore new ways to grow, to heal. I’m very glad to say that I’ve changed a great deal in that period of time and some of that change is related to my work on this site. What I never expected, when I created this not so private space for myself was that it would be viewed by and would move so many people.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the responses I’ve received from those who’ve taken the time to write to me. It’s been a wonderful experience and I would like to thank all of you who’ve reached out to me, sometimes when I least expected comfort, and when I needed it most, there you were and I’m grateful. I’m glad that I have been able to offer deep thought, hope, inspiration, joy and encouragement to others.

Work on this site stalled partly because of the lessons I was learning, and partly because I had forgotten that good advice my friend gave me about doing this just for myself. I bowed to pressure from “other people” and changed the form of my art so that people didn’t have to walk through one corridor (which made for a very long read I agree). Unfortunately in doing so I took away the thing that I felt was most important about this space, I took away the journey. I took away the continuity of the lessons, the poetry, the quotes, etc… I invalidated my vision and it broke my heart to look at it. I always intended this to be a gallery there are still five halls of art to choose from but now they also flow straight and seamlessly as I always intended them to.

This site is about growth, and I’ve chosen the words and images for their meaning to my own life lessons. I don’t expect everyone to understand everything they’ve seen here. If you listen to what your heart tells you you’ll be able to understand much of what I felt when I wrote each of the passages. I will continue adding words, images and pages as the spirit moves me to do so.

Originally published February 7, 1999

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