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Sail boat over sunset

Somos El Braco

“We are the boat we are the sea
I sail in you you sail in me…”
“…so with our hopes we set the sails and we face the winds once
more and with our hearts we chart the water never sailed before”
– Somos El Braco

Without hope and the spirit of adventure we stay in the same place never seeing anything new, never risking – never gaining. Without the ability to move ahead we cease to grow, we cease to live. To hell with maintaining the “Status Quo” live your life to the fullest, don’t measure how you live by someone else’s standards, use your own yardstick and measure it against what you want it to be. If you don’t know, go out and make something up, explore, find something new. Don’t let fear or ignorance keep you from the discovery of wonderful things.

“Maria, you must go out and find your life”.

What a wonderful quote from The Sound of Music. Life is not something that happens to you, it’s not something to hide from, it’s something to embrace and relish. Be open to new people and experiences. A small moment can alter forever.

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