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Leaves falling in mysterious autumn forest with fog

Taken by the Wind

And so it was all the same as it had always been. Nothing had changed, yet it was different. Her heart was an empty cup, devoid of the smallest drop to quench her parched spirit. And low, she sat and waited for the cup to fill again.

Breathing in and out, each breath taking her farther and farther away from the ache that threatened to overwhelm her. She hovered somewhere outside herself, still waiting. No words were needed, the story could be read with one look in her eyes.

She had seen too much, felt too much – but her heart kept on beating betraying the barrenness in her soul.

The wind blew through the trees, sweet, soft, it called her to the sky. She drifted with each flower, the sweet scents driving her melancholy, oh, the longing…

There would be at times a remembrance of a touch or a feeling. These memories of past moments drove her deeper – away from her body. A body that longed for a soft caress, just as her heart ached to be full again.

People are often afraid to look at the happiness that is offered to them, because accepting those gifts can bring with them frightening responsibilities. Do you remember I said that people shouldn’t live with regrets? Some people choose to make a collection of them for old age.

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