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She rested on a soft bed, quiet, clean and well fed. The Traveller smiled gazing at the hearth and ths soft glow of embers burning there. Today she took refuge in a house that seemed to be an old friend. The gentle folk who welcomed her recognized her at once. Stories drifted of her journey throughout the land. They had always hoped to see her on their road, they’d set aside a special cloak as a gift in preparation.

When she arrived they’d made a special soup of wild greens in broth thick and warm, hot bread with honey sat beside a cup of cider. A perfumed bath had been prepared. Her hair was washed and brushed to a high shine. She was dressed in a new gown of saffron wool, she gleamed like a fairy. So much warmth and comfort, so much goodness and acceptance.

These were people truly blessed for the Traveller spoke, her voice soft and steady, of her journey and of times long ago. There was no question of her wisdom or the truth in her words. The glowing light showed the honesty from within, they were enraptured by what they heard.

And though she would leave to continue her quest, there would always be this warm bed where she might rest. Always welcoming arms to embrace her, always a place to call home.

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