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A Slice of Cake on a Table

An undelivered birthday wish

The card ended “I wanted to give you feelings of happiness…”

There was a simple gift that was to go with this, that was not delivered. What I really wanted was to give a moment of joy. I wanted to give the feeling of being special and those things you feel deeply within yourself when you know you’re cherished.

I missed that goal and it made me sad to realize that there was nothing I could offer, nothing I could say or do, to give the feelings I’d hoped for. It was a soul too tired and parched, and all the love in the world can not give ease.

Giving is an important thing to allow ourselves, it’s also an important thing to allow others to do. Sometimes sitting passively and letting others do things is a great gift in itself. I don’t think I could have understood that in such a simple way if it hadn’t been for this terrible birthday.

“If you find it in your heart to care for someone else,
you will have succedeed.”
– Maya Angelou

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