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Closeup of reminder paper note on fridge door

Refrigerator Magnet Poetry

Life is about contrasts
not just black and white
but the subtle shades of grey,
the colors of the rainbow,
the glow of the sunset.
Pleasure and Pain
Power and Submission
Love and Hate
Give and Take
Life and Death.

His heart is dead
I am the experiment
The instrument of sex on a raw canvas
I hear him scream here in my black art
My pain feels her death too.

I see the starry sky
flowing like the tide
night ebbs with day
moon leaves as sun rises
life always an eternal cycle

Live – Imagine – Investigate – See

a fiery rhythm like
an electric blue harmony
glorious passion & grace
a masterpiece of life
letting you create
like an angel knowing
free & wild joy

I observe the sculpture


my monument must


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