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Alone tree on the edge of the cliff

Shedding Ego

I just read this very interesting quote:

“Shedding ego is a fearful experience until we begin to feel
all these benefits. We were taught not to feel but to think.
Now we must learn to feel and not think. There is a great
deal of unlearning that must take place and it is, quite frankly, a painful process.”

I wonder how do you censor a reaction that is based upon the feeling of fear. Is fear ever a valid emotion? Or, is fear always a reaction from ego?

My intention is to stop living in fear. To stop listening to the “should” and “must” ideas in my mind, to stop creating them in the first place.

Are my panic attacks the result of my ego going into “control overdrive”? Or, are they a reaction from the heart stopping me from doing things I don’t honestly want any part of?


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