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Pools in Guatemala

Sarah’s Gift

“It’s just you and me and the rain. It’s the blind leading the blind. If God will send his Angels, and God will send a sign, and if God will send his Angels will everything be fine?”

The other night I asked Sarah if she remembered being an Angel before she came to me. She said “yes” and very solemnly told me…

In heaven she watched over me more than anyone else. She watched with my two great-grandmother’s, both named Sara. She said she picked flowers there, for their dresses, the Sara’s had beautiful wings. She even picked flowers for their shoes, except that you don’t have to wear shoes ever there. You can go barefoot everywhere because there are no rocks.

The only place you can find rocks is next to the pond, for skipping. There is a certain amount of rocks there and after you’ve skipped some they come back every night while you’re sleeping.

One day she used up all the rocks and in the morning they hadn’t come back. That was the day she came to earth to be with me.

Sarah started to cry and told me that she missed the Sara’s. I was crying too, and I hugged her and thanked her for giving it all up to come and be with me. Later she said that it was beautiful there, that everyone is kind to one another and there are no bad people.

I don’t think my daughter has ever skipped rocks.

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