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Dramatic sunset sky approaching thunderstorm clouds.

As open as the sky

The Character: Maya – The Movie: Kama Sutra
Knowing love,
I will allow all things to come and go,
to be as supple as the wind
and take everything that comes with great courage.

As Rasa would say to me “Life is right in any case.”

My heart is as open as the sky.

When a love, or loved one, is lost and there is pain, you have still had love. Do not be afraid of the feelings that love opens you to. Don’t hide from the possibilities – Open yourself to them, embrace them. Strive for the place in your soul where you can accept the things that come to you, good and bad, first with understanding rather then reaction. Appreciate the things that life and people can offer you. Be open to new ideas, people and new ways of doing things.

Yes, we suffer as we grow and learn in our lifetimes, some more then others. That doesn’t mean that we will always suffer, that everything will bring us pain. Some things will bring us joy and pleasure and we deserve those things, we’ve earned them. Happiness a our right, but we cannot have happiness or true joy by being closed off to the experiences around us.

In the movie Maya learns that having love, even for a short time, is worth whatever pain she suffered from it. And, although her love is taken from her she knows that she must continue to be open to new things or she will not find love again.

When terrible things happen to us we must go on, because if we don’t, if we always struggle against the possibility that something is going to hurt us, we close the doors on the good things that can come to us as well.

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