My Celexa Story

Psychotherapeutic medication has been life-saving for several members of my family so I feel it’s important for me to note the following: My on-going story is not meant to deter anyone from seeking medical attention including (but not limited to) talk therapy, learning coping skills, inpatient treatment, or psychotherapeutic medication under the oversight and care of properly trained medical professionals.

I’ve chosen to share my withdrawal story because treatment with psychotherapeutic medication is still a lot of “trial and error” and while you’re under the influence of this medication it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s really going on, and qualified professionals are only as good as the information you know to provide and their awareness of you as person. And, withdrawal can result in many unimagined consequences that can go on for months after the medication has left your system. If you’re not feeling quite yourself, you’re not alone. 

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Being Brave


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