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Luscious, Voluptuous, Womanly, Feminine

I stand before you, in the image of the Goddess, in the form of her love and fidelity to humankind, her promise, her song.

These lush curves proclaiming fertility and femininity in womanly form and fashion.

My hair fine as silk, fragrant ready to sweep across my lovers cheek in moments of blissful abandon.

My cheekbones high below brilliant eyes filled with the knowledge and promise ever seeking answers.

Sweet lips of a gentle mouth urging forward truth, hope, and growth through exploration.

My pink tipped breasts covering the beating of a loving, passionate and honest heart.

Soft gentle hands caress away the past pull forwards towards a new beginning, towards hope and promise.

My belly curved from childbirth a badge of honor worn proudly proclaiming to the world my fertility.

The curve of my hip, sweetly round to caress towards the sweet apex where buttock meets thigh.

My strong shapely legs and thighs covered with smooth white skin, ready to spread and softly pillow my lovers hips.

Dimpled knees to kneel in prayer and reverence.

Strong and sensual feet firmly stand before you. A vision of a woman, in the image of the Goddess, aching for adoration.

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