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Siblings Playful Dressup Park Concept

A Knight in Shining Armor

On the playground she is swinging
up higher than the rest.
The boys run and jump, they want to know
who is the very best.

The music of their voices echo
down the green and flowing lawn,
the sound of laughter ringing
on this bright and sunny morn.

A small boy offers his balloon
to the little girl with dimples.
He comments on her hula-hoop,
she answers him with giggles.

The ice cream man comes strolling by
with treats in shiny wrappers.
The Mom’s and Pop’s surprise the tot’s
who’ve finished with their crackers.

A day like this will surely be
the best that nature offers.
The memories shan’t fade away
they’ll hold in time with fondness.

The little girl stands on the slide,
a princess in her castle.
The little boy hunts through the sand
for a dragon he can wrestle.

A puppy bounding on a leash
barks merrily away.
All are happy as can be
on such a glorious day.

The boy fights an evil wizard
and condemns him to the Tower.
The little girl applauds his feat,
her knight in shining armor.

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