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Senior couple holding hands

My Heart Belonged To You

Before we met,
my heart belonged with you

Before I was born,
my heart belonged to you

As a smiling toddler with baby curls,
my heart beat in time with you

When I started school on that first day,
my heart smiled for you

In my first heels and girlish makeup,
my heart was pure for you

First loves sweet kisses made me sigh,
my heart saved room for you

Growing pains and maturity, time passed so patiently,
my heart that beats with you

One moment we touched and I saw,
my heart belonged to you

I have a really hard time appreciating this poem. It feels like something a teenager would write, immature in some way. However, I’ve had several women tell me that they really enjoyed it, that it touched them in a special way. I suppose this is the way we all want to feel when we’ve meet someone we think might be special and we think we have come to the beginning of falling in love.

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