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Old apartment interior view with open wooden door

Follow your bliss

“When you follow your bliss…doors will open where
you would not have thought there would be doors;
and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.”
– Joseph Campbell

When I see my future I see an older wood frame home bordered by gardens and lovely outdoor spaces. There is dark old wood floors and light fills every room. Within there is a household that is filled with people who cherish the important values of life. People who encourage one another to learn and grow. People who hope for the best in others.

When I look towards my future occupation I see myself developing one or more of my entrepreneurial dreams. I don’t see myself working in a large company for many more years, I need to feel closer to the work I do and to the benefit it brings to other people. I hope to work educating people on ways to follow their dreams. To help people understand the importance of aromatherapy, color therapy, homeopathy and other alternative (ancient) ideas. I’d like to teach art to those who feel they are not good enough to create, to teach dance to women who are afraid to go to a “real” studio. I want people to feel free to follow their bliss without judgment from others.

I’d like to show people by living my life that there is more out there. That stress doesn’t need to be a daily issue. I’d like to write a book, I believe that the writing that I do each day and the work I’ve done here are the beginnings of a publishable manuscript. I want my life to be filled with goodness and joy, a life that will inspire others to “follow their bliss”.

Beyond, or rather before, those goals are two very simple ones. The first is to be the best mother I can be, to raise my children with the values and self worth to fulfill their destiny, to be who they were born to be. My last and most selfish goal is to find someone to share life’s journey with.

I am not looking for the “perfect” man, I am looking for someone with the potential to lead an interesting life, filled with laughter, passion, intellectual conversations and good will towards others. Someone who along with me seeks to grow beyond today into the future, someone who I can imagine living in that home with me, someone who also seeks to heal others. Not someone with all the answers who would leave nothing do discover, but someone who is interested in exploring different possibilities, things outside the norm, travel to other places, and who is flexible enough to try new things along the way. Someone who will be my best friend.

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