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Red rose

The Rose

Don’t be afraid to bloom

What you are today is the price you paid
for what you used to want.
– Mignon McLaughlin

You have a choice to make,
you can look back on your life with regrets
for what it was and what it was not.
Or, you can look at who you are today
and be thankful for that which made you,
for those people and things that allowed you to grow.

If you find yourself filled with regrets
ask yourself what you would choose
to be different in your life.
Focus on those things
and develop goals that will help you
to achieve your hearts desire.
Remember that you cannot control
anyone else’s actions only your own,
and strive to achieve your goals.

Your goals don’t have to be big
to be important, they can be very simple.
What really matters is your happiness,
and satisfaction with your life.
Sometimes it’s easiest to start small
to develop the practice to strive towards
bigger and better things.

Perhaps thinking back to daydreams long gone
will help you to plan something new
for today and beyond.
One thing is fairly certain,
unless you try nothing will change.

No one should choose to settle for regrets.

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